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Who We Are

The United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is a regulatory agency that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by standardizing transportation rates, regulating carriers, and coordinating the relocation process. These tasks improve timing, pricing and mitigates the risk of lost items and delayed shipments. In efforts to optimize commercial vehicle transportation efficiency and consumer protection, the USMPO also provides live access to moving carrier routes and price transparency.

It is strongly advised for customers with existing moving reservations to link their tracking number to our route database by registering their shipment.
The USMPO catalogues the GPS location of motor carrier vehicles authorized to transport consumer shipments of household goods. Identifying carrier records, shipments, and future reservations allows the USMPO to optimize, coordinate, and regulate the household goods moving industry. This improves timing, pricing and mitigates the risk of lost items and delayed shipments.
For shippers without an existing reservation, use the search route map to find recommended carriers with existing routes to your destination state.
It is encouraged to register and Sync your tracking number to our database to:
  • Track and protect your shipment
  • Match with recommended carriers on route to your destination state
  • Audit an existing reservation for red flags
  • Request a field officer to coordinate your move

Our Mission

The primary mission of the United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is to develop a universal moving process that optimizes route efficiency, eliminates fraudulent moving companies, and protects consumers engaged in the interstate shipping of household goods.
The secondary mission of the USMPO is to improve commercial motor vehicle safety through data analytics.  Through these combined efforts, the USMPO is revolutionizing a technologically antiquated, poorly regulated, moving industry. 

Our Vision

It is our vision to have a world without suffering. We work on the part which pertains to the transportation of household goods.

Our Strategy

In carrying out its processes to protect shippers of household goods, the USMPO does the following:
  • Create and enforces data-driven regulations that balances market prices with labor costs
  • Develop and maintain a centralized database of carriers which observe the standardized rates and best practices
  • Targets educational messages to carriers, commercial drivers, and the public; and
  • Educate and inform consumers by establishing contact in the early stages of  selecting a mover. 
The USMPO has developed a centralized database of standardized rates in efforts to provide consumers price transparency and assistance in determining the true cost of the loading, handling, and transportation of your items. Moving rates are standardized at the state level and are formulated using an average of labor wages, fuel costs, state taxes, market demand, and tolls specific to the route. Although an individual company’s rate can be higher due to their availability and additional services provided, the rate should never be lower than the base rate.
Companies deviating from the standardized USMPO rates have been confirmed to be engaging in unscrupulous business practices. Any quotes or binding estimates with rates lower than the ones listed on our database are more than likely unethical sales tactics to lure customer into signing an agreement. These estimates are subject to change on the day of the move to make up for the difference of the rate.
Although the USMPO has centralized this database of rates for consumer transparency, it is the shippers responsibility to do their due diligence before making a selection. In today’s environment of price competition, the current scamming and unethical practices will continue unless there are mechanisms for the consumer to force the mover to stick to his price bid. Those mechanisms are having a service agreement with a USMPO approved rate and having an accurate inventory, itemized in writing, expressed in cubic feet.
If you have already signed into an agreement with a rate below the standard, it’s not too late. Keep in mind that if your move has not yet been serviced, your bank can protect you as well. Consumers need to fight back. If you feel that you have been a victim of moving fraud, feel free to send us a message at Your feedback allows us to update the FMCSA database.
The USMPO is an independent regulatory agency created in response to the FMCSA’s request in improving cmv safety, identifying fraudulent moving companies and improving record keeping. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and educate consumers in the moving industry. The USMPO is a sovereign entity, separate from the FMCSA, pending 501(C)(3) non-profit status.