The United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) verification is designed to highlight ethical movers and eliminate moving fraud. By standardizing moving rates and pricing, the USMPO provides the consumer a simple way to distinguish reputable, professional movers from unethical movers capitalizing on the vulnerability of consumers.
The USMPO regulates ethical business practices in the moving industry and works to mitigate unethical practices by awarding the certification to those companies who have proven integrity throughout the entire relocation process. Our primary method of regulation is through conducting a randomized audit of moving services done in the last calendar year. This audit primarily compares price quotes and volume estimates given
to consumers pre-move, with the final post-move volume and price that is provided on the bill of lading. To qualify for verification, movers must also schedule an interview and pass a professional business standards exam, including verification of operations and complaint history. In addition, each mover must execute an agreement affirming that they will uphold the USMPO’s Code of Ethics and bylaws, whilst upholding all FMCSA consumer regulations.
Most importantly, this program offers consumers an identifiable means of separating reputable, professional movers from the rest. When you see the USMPO verification seal, your customers will know that their moving company engages in fair, ethical, and standardized pricing which will not change throughout the move.
We believe in effective government regulations and policies that enable our members to provide quality service while also offering protections to the consumer. Along with providing advocacy for consumers utilizing professional moving services, we strive to supply information that informs the public about the industry, consumer rights and responsibilities when they move and the overall value of professional moving and storage services.
In order to begin your USMPO verification process, please send an email to
Be sure to include:
  • Company Name and address as registered with the Secretary of State
  • Scanned Copy of a valid, US issued photo ID
  • DOT & MC Number
  • Contact Information